CoinCasso Review 2019 – Worth to Invest?

CoinCasso Review 2019 - CoinCasso Official Logo Image

CoinCasso Review 2019 - CoinCasso Official Logo Image


CoinCasso Exchange Platform

CoinCasso is a multifunctional, multi-layered design and hybrid exchange that combines the advantages of centralized and decentralized exchanges. As the first on the market, CoinCasso gives financial benefits to active users.

CoinCasso gives users democratic opportunities to add their coins and personal tokens. It helps with promoting both personal and corporate tokens. The goal is to create, above all, a hybrid exchange, a still centralized exchange, which is the central unit that manages and develops the entire project, but one that gives users the ability to decide which tokens and which coins will appear on the exchange and what services will be offered.

CoinCasso Review 2019 - CoinCasso ICO Coin

CoinCasso is more than just an exchange, it is a multi-layer product. The profit which they share with active users will come from the following parts of the project:

■ CoinCasso Exchange 2.0,

■ CoinCasso Pay Wallet App,

■ Quick exchange,

■ Payment gateway,

■ A network of ATMs,

■ PoS – payment terminal.


User safety

The platform offers a fast and secure solution for exchanging and trading cryptocurrencies and FIAT currency. CoinCasso have provided many security features that allow you to use the site safely. At the same time, they provided maintaining the standards of fast and easy service. However, they must also comply with the standards and requirements of locations in which they serve their clients. Due to regulations, some restrictions apply to areas or countries and services may not be available there. Information on KYC, AML regulations will be available on their partner’s website.

CoinCasso Review 2019 - CoinCasso CCX Token

The registration itself requires an email, password, and mobile phone number for initial verification of the process. Each client will have to undergo an identity verification process that will allow him to increase withdrawal limits as well as will enable them to ensure the safety and procedures required by law. Their support will work 24 hours a day and will review all related issues on an ongoing basis. CoinCasso are also considering the possibility of introducing a document verification process from Trulioo and Jumio. Then, after verification, the customer will be able to make a dedicated account or transfer to their FIAT account. Deposits in cryptocurrencies are automatically approved by their system, while deposits from FIAT depend on the service or bank via which the client will provide them with an account. From time to time, the security department, if you suspect a malfunction or simply in a random selection may ask for another verification – everything for safety. 95% of users’ funds are protected on the CoinCasso OU cold wallet with additional security. It results in a higher level of protection against the theft of tokens.

CCX Token

Platform: ERC-20 (Ethereum)

Max-supply: 100.000.000

Decimals: 18

Contract: 0x395dc9a82e3eef962b0355a3d4e6819e9af776d2

CCX tokens work in a similar way as tokens on other exchanges but they have additional value for the users of the exchange. Owners of the tokens have the ability to participate in the company, reduce the transaction fees and give the token holders the right to receive a part of the profit made by the company.

CoinCasso Review 2019 - CoinCasso ICO Distribution

CCX tokens are implemented based on the most popular and advanced ERC20 protocol. The base for the tokens is the Ethereum blockchain with is relatively fast compared to alternatives. Thanks to that technology they are able to implement the token for all the payments processes and all of their sites without limitations.

The main goal of the token will be to provide the possibility to freely trade and exchange tokens between users, their services and transfers between traders and other instruments. Holders of the CCX tokens will be able to trade CCX in pairs with all other currencies available on their market.


CCX Holders Benefits Summary

  • Active participation in projects
  • Passive and active influence in innovation implementations
  • Precedence in listing new coins
  • The option of exchanging CCX for the services offered by the group
  • Larger trading market
  • Discounts for trading fees
  • A possibility of receiving bonuses for memberships
  • Voting function when selecting new tokens
  • Accelerated transaction processing
  • Larger commissions in the affiliate program
  • Priority for testing new products
  • Dedicated multilingual support


Initial Coin Offering

Token sale url:

Total tokens created: 100m CCX Platform ERC20 (Ethereum Blockchain)

Total tokens available on main sale: 70m CCX

Total tokens hold by company: 20m CCX, and could be released for future development.

Pre-sale: 5%

Marketing Partners: 3%

Bounty program: 1%

PreICO Price: 1CCX = 1 USD

Price: 1CCX = 2.62 USD

Soft Cap: 3,500,000 USD

Hard Cap: 100,000,000 USD

Bitwings Review 2019 – Is it Trustworthy?

Bitwings Review 2019 - Bitwings Official logo

Bitwings Review 2019 - Bitwings Official logo



The project is focusing on the large and dynamic secure mobile communication and transaction market.

  • It creates value for the end consumer through:

– High-tech solutions for all at affordable prices;

– An economic approach with social content;

– Allowing customers to participate in the business through a decentralized distribution and marketing model;

– Promoting local production centers, avoiding cost overruns associated to tariffs that penalize the lower purchasing power of certain regions (Latin America).

Bitwings coin review 2019


WINGS MOBILE is a mobile network operator, a software developer and, and since 2017 a producer of electronic products. Thanks to these three business directions, combined with sophisticated leadership, it perfectly links the current needs of everyday electronic device users with technological innovation, providing high-tech solutions and unique products in the world.

Bitwings coin review 2019- bitwings coin information


  • WINGS MOBILE – A virtual mobile network operator in Spain, with highly competitive packages both in call services (national calls, international calls – avoiding the extra costs of roaming in over 60 countries) and data.
  • WINGS ENERGY – Energy retail service provider, offering electricity and natural gas supply services to companies and individuals.

Privacy – monitoring of their phone conversations

The possibility that their phone conversations are intervened by third parties is increasingly likely. With the introduction of end-to-end encryption, used by instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Messenger, and Telegram, users are supposedly protected by encryption, because encryption makes the messages illegible by hackers.

Bitwings coin review 2019-2

The end-to-end encryption (sometimes abbreviated as e2e) was created to specifically to provide protection against attacks by hackers who in order to steal information and personal data, attempt to “intercept” communications between two or more users. As it is made evident from the name (“man in the middle”), the attacker is placed in the middle, between the transmitter and the receiver. In doing so, the messages sent by the sender end up in the hands of the hackers before reaching its destination. The attacker can store the information collected and use it as he wishes.


Unfair price – economics of centralized production

WINGS MOBILE has always been very sensitive to inequality and socioeconomic differences between countries. The manufacturing of consumer electronic products (smartphones, PCs, etc.) is very much carried out by certain economies in Southeast Asia, and most of all by the “great Chinese factories”. The latter has triggered a number of conflicts, such as those arising from imposing high tariffs, which ultimately ends up affecting the price of imports in many countries, especially in developing countries.

This logic of defense of the national market attempts to artificially rebalance the trade balance, the import and export relationship of developing countries. However, it rather limits and impoverishes the end consumer, which is forced to pay for the same product even 100% more compared to the consumer of a nation that produced the product.


ICO details

Token: BWN

Type: Utility

PreICO: 1BWN = 0.1 USD

Price: 1BWN = 0.2 USD

Platform: Ethereum

Accepting: BTC, ETH, Fiat

Minimum Investment: 455 USD

Soft Cap: 3,000,000 USD

Hard Cap: 30,000,000 USD

Country: Malta

Restricted Areas: USA, Canada

Bitwings coin review 2019- bitwings ico detail

Public Sale Phase 1: 24 million BWN are sold with 25% bonus on the official issue value.

Public Sale Phase 2: 30 million BWN are sold with 15% bonus on the official issue value.

Public sale Phase 3: 45 million BWN are sold with 5% bonus on the official issue value.

Public Sale Phase 4: 60 million BWN are sold with 0% bonus on the official issue value.

IOTA Review 2019 – Overview, Features, Guides

IOTA coin official logo image

IOTA coin official logo image



IOTA was founded in 2015 to provide a solution for digital payments and the ICO was held from November 2015 till December 2015. It stands for Internet of Things of Application and is a cryptocurrency technology that facilitates transactions between devices of the Internet of Things(IoT).

IOTA represents a cryptocurrency and a platform for making small payments without paying any fees. Users are able to transact one coin or a fraction of it. IOTA addresses the transaction fees and scalability issues of blockchain technologies.

IOTA Coin Image

IOTA is revolutionary and makes it unique and very promising. It is able to become that transactional fuel with the participation of machines integrated into one network. The main advantages are the absence of commissions, the high speed of operations and the possibility of conducting micro-transactions.

The project is actively developing and cooperating with the largest consortia suggests. Coins have some weight behind them and they must fulfil the role of fuel in a developing sphere.


IOTA have chosen a Directed Acyclic Graph(DAG) for the structure of their underlying ledger. The DAG gets faster the more node are participating. Every node that wants to send a transaction has to verify two previous transactions and has to do a small amount of Proof-of-Work to do this.

The asset of IOTAs ecosystem is traded in batches of one million IOTAs and they are referred to as MIOTA (Mega IOTA).


IOTA is currently ranked as one of the largest cryptocurrencies and an interesting project with a limitless potential. It would be one of the first cryptocurrencies to lower the price of Bitcoin if it is successful.

Virwox Review 2019 – Is it Scam or not?

Virwox review - Virwox Official Logo image

Virwox review - Virwox Official Logo image


Virwox is the online exchange owned by Virtual World Services GmbH, an Austrian company. Since 2007, Virworx has built its brand name and traders can buy and sell a virtual currency known as Linden Dollars. Traders can do by buying low and selling high, using the price variations of the virtual currency to achieve this.


The number of their clients shos how wide the reach of the platform is; more than 1 million registered users.

Virwox review - Virwox company information


Currency Supported

The only cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, can be traded on Virwox.

Virwox review - Virwox current image

Countries Supported

Virwox serves many countries, however, a few countries are restricted for its international financial restrictions or regulatory prohibitions.


– Restricted countries;

US, France, Belgium, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, etc


Payment Method

There are several deposit / withdraw options

– PayPal

– Credit/Debit Cards

– Skrill

– PaySafeCard



– Bitcoin


One of the most popular payment methods is PayPal, but fees are charges for the service.



– Paypal : 0.35 EUR plus 3.5% of the transaction

– Skrill : 0.39 EUR plus 3.5% of the transaction

– SOFORT: 2.5% of the transaction

– Deposits in Bitcoin : Free


Virwox charges commissions depending on the coin and the type of orders.



The limits are based on clients’ account level.

– Level 0 : 90 EUR limit for each 24 hour period. (270 EUR limit per 30 days)

– Level 1 : 120 EUR limit daily, 900 EUR limit monthly

– Level 2 : 200 EUR limit daily, 2,000 EUR limit monthly

– Level 3 : 400 EUR limit daily, 5,000 EUR limit monthly

– Level 4 : 1,000 EUR limit daily, 15,000 EUR limit monthly


Customer Support

Virwox review - Virwox customer support

The email and ticket service is available.

Email: or

VirWox website provides five language services; English, German, French, Spanish, Italian.



VirWox operates a network of terminals. To prevent clients being prompted to login to fake terminals generated by hackers, a popup box comes up, telling his/her username. If the terminal tells the wrong username, it is a fake terminal.

Virwox review - Virwox security



VirWox is an exchange for virtual currencies. It was created for buying and selling virtual currencies used in online games. Their developers decided to branch out into this cryptocurrency, however, have come up with a slow and costly process.The greatest advantage of VirWox is the option to buy Bitcoin with PayPal and other payment methods by first buying SLL and converting this to Bitcoin.

VirWox is useful for people who play the supported online games that utilize the virtual currencies tradeable on VirWox, however, it is not the first choice for cryptocurrency exchange.



– Buy Bitcoin with PayPal



– No hardware wallet

– High Fess

– Limited Currencies

Bibox Review 2019 – Ratings, Features & Security

Bibox review - Bibox Official Logo image

Bibox review - Bibox Official Logo image


Bibox is a new cryptocurrency exchange, founded in 2017 by the former employees of Binance, OKCoin and Huobi, which are the largest cryptocurrency exchange in China and the world. Bibox has a highly competent team and platform to provide access to a wide range of coins and aid in the execution of optimal transactions.

Bibox review - Bibox exchange platform2

Bibox does not support fiat currencies and is not regulated by any reputable regulatory authorities.


Currency Supported

Over 60 coins are available on the platform with 145 market pairs linked to the 5 base currencies; BTC, ETH, USDT, DAI and BIX. Traders can make use of digital currencies such as USDT or DAI that are available to trade on the platform.


Bibox review - Bibox coin treasure

Countries Supported

Most countries are accepted including the US.


Payment Method

Clients can deposit funds into the account only via a cryptocurrency transfer. Fiat currency deposit is not supported.



The deposit fee is free and withdrawals are charged a network transaction fee. Withdrawal fees vary depending on the currency.

The trading fee is 0.1% and if you pay using BIX, you can get 50% discount.



There is withdrawal limit and the amount is based on the level of verification.


1) 2 BTC daily limit (email verification is required)

2) 20 BTC limit (Identification verification is required)

3) For a higher limit, you need to contact Bibox customer support.



Customer Support

The website is served with 5 languages; English, Chinese, Russian, Korean and Vietnamese.

Clients can contact the team with a ticket support in the Support section. FAQ page is also available. You can contact the support team via Telegram and WeChat as well for prompt and professional answers.



Bibox implements various security measures to protect users’ accounts with SSL encryption, Two-factor authentication, SMS authentication and funds password. The exchange claims to store most of the funds offline in cold storage safely.

The platform is also controlled and governed by an AI system.

Bibox review - Bibox exchange platform


Bibox provides a wide cryptocurrency to exchange in a number of markets and a decent trading platform. It has grown quickly in popularity with international traders. Bibox clients can place trades through a web-based interface, a desktop app, an Android and iOS mobile app. Bibox does not support any fiat currencies, however, it is a pretty good exchange with decent trading volume and low fees.



– Easy to use

– Low trading fees

– Desktop and mobile trading available



– No fiat currencies support

– Not regulated exchange


Migranet Review 2019 – Solution, ICO Detail

Migranet Review 2019 - Migranet official logo image

Migranet Review 2019 - Migranet official logo image


Migranet is the world’s first AI blockchain migration platform.

Migranet presents a one-stop solution to migrants and accredited migration practitioners by automating the processing of migration applications. It also assists refugees with their skills assessment, so they can be integrated into their host country post selection.

Migrants will use the Migranet platform to upload their professional credentials and background declaration during the application stage, prior to professional assessment. Their credentials and background declaration will then be stored on the blockchain.

The built-in smart contracts will also provide protection to migrants from fraud, malpractice, and misrepresentation.



Their vision is to create a global community of immigrants, travelers, and processing systems in a standardized automated migration ecosystem. The result of this vision is a platform that facilitates a fraud-free, corruption-free, and affordable means to migrate and/or travel in a transparent and secure manner.

Migranet Review 2019 - Migranet solution


Migranet’s mission is to optimize immigration-related processes through the use of Artificial Intelligence, Biometrics and Blockchain technology. This will improve speed, fairness, accuracy, and accountability throughout the global migration system. Migranet believes that offering a utility token for migration services will provide unbanked migrants (and other applicants) full transparency and fairness for all services provided on the platform.

Migranet Review 2019 - Migranet features

Furthermore, Migranet maintains that without a radically transparent and automated system, immigrants worldwide will continue to be marginalized by the inefficiencies of current immigration practices, which stand to worsen as globalization, population, size, and immigration increases.


Benefits of Migration

Migration has a two-sided effect on national and global economies. Migranet holds the same beliefs as the UN SDGs that state the benefits of migration far outweigh its disadvantages. Additionally, people migrate for many reasons other than the quest for excellence or seeking a better life. Christine Lagarde has been the managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) since 5th July 2011. As an experienced lawyer and politician, she has a deep understanding of both the benefits and problems of immigration. At the recent World Economic Forum in Davos, Lagarde identified several benefits of immigration: For starters, immigration boosts the economies of the host country. Immigrants bolster the host country’s labor force, encourage investment and growth. A preliminary report by the IMF shows that EU countries that are receptive to immigrants experience positive outcomes. Also, migration helps address the challenges caused by an increase in the aging population in developed countries.


MIG Utility Token and it’s End User Benefits:

  1. Service Payment – MIG holders can use the tokens to pay for migration services around the world without high conversion costs.
  2. Transaction Speed- Migranet’s introduction of blockchain technology ensures that transactions will be completed within seconds or minutes rather than hours or days, regardless of where one is. This allows people to travel while minimizing time expenditure on the process.
  3. No Transaction Limits – There will be no limits imposed on the amount of money transacted.
  4. Peer to Peer Exchange – The MIG token will be designed with an internally embedded P2P exchange allowing transactions between individuals without the use of third parties. This convenience greatly lowers transaction costs and helps eliminate theft and fraud. Migranet’s MIG utility token uses an encryption protocol to prevent fraud and counterfeiting. This results in added security, while still providing transparency and fairness throughout the platform.

Migranet Review 2019 - Migranet token distribution

ICO Detail

Token: MIG

Price: 1 MIG = 0.2 USD

Platform: Ethereum

Accepting: ETH

Minimum investment: 1 ETH

Soft Cap: 20,000,000 USD

Hard Cap: 75,000,000 USD

Country: Costa Rica

Restricted Areas: Iran, North Korea, USA

Coincheck Review 2019 – Hacked before or not?

Coincheck review - Coincheck Official Logo Image

Coincheck review - Coincheck Official Logo Image


Coincheck is one of Asia’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, offering leveraged trading (up to 1:5) in some cryptocurrencies for Japanese yen. It processed the highest volumes of Bitcoin trading in Japan.

The exchange has a license to operate as a digital currency exchange in Japan and has been a major Japanese cryptocurrency company since 2014. Coincheck is very well designed and has intuitive usability. The cryptocurrency wallet hosting services with Android and iOS wallet apps are available.

Coincheck review - Coincheck exchange platfom image

They offer several types of financial services and platforms in Japan and throughout Asia.

In addition to the leveraged trading, the exchange provides money transferring, a cryptocurrency-based donation crowdfunding platform, bitcoin lending and an API to accept payments or build applications.

Coincheck review - Coincheck homepage


Currency Supported

Coincheck supports a range of cryptocurrencies;

Bitcoin, Ehtereum, Ethereum Classic, Lisk, Ripple, Zcash, Dash, Litecoin, and Monero.

Not all of the cryptocurrencies can be traded on the exchange because it tends to stick to the bigger cryptocurrencies.


Payment Method

By bank transfer and credit/debit card, if adding fiat currency, Coincheck account holders can fund their accounts. Account holders can also transfer supported cryptocurrencies holding into their account and all prices are denominated in yen as their base currency.

Coincheck review - Coincheck deposit method

Withdrawal can be made to a bank account or credit card if in fiat currency or crypto wallet. Deposits are accepted through bank transfers, credit/debit card and even though some convenience store in Japan. USD is accepted for international deposits.



1) Deposit / Withdrawal Fee

– Bank transfer in JPY : Free

– Bank transfer in USD : $25

– JPY withdrawals: JPY 400

– USD withdrawals : JPY 2,500

– Virtual currency deposits: Free

– “Fast Deposit” options: 0.002 BTC

Coincheck review - Coincheck fee schedule

2) There is maker and taker fee schedule, but Coincheck is currently charging no trading fees.

Please check the specific information about fee from the following link;


Customer Support

Coincheck provides support in Help Center with FAQ, and email-based ticketing system for any issues. The website is offered with four different languages; English, Japanese, Chinese and Indonesian.



Coincheck supports most of the usual security precautions. That is the two tiers of accounts that come with two levels of personal identity verification requirements. Only email verification and a valid mobile number for SMS verification is required for deposits and withdrawal. Coincheck does not combine clients’ deposits and company assets, which is what saved them from becoming insolvent following the security breach.

Coincheck review - Coincheck security

The exchange support Two Factor Authentication (2FA) via SMS and Google Authentication on Android or iOS. Wallets offer 2FA security and cold storage as well.



Coincheck is one of the major exchanges in Japan and a very high-quality company. They offer a variety of services such as prepaid Visa cards that can be funded by Bitcoin.

The technology level is one of the best and easy to navigate. The verification process for international account holders is complex and put some off. The number of coins for leveraged trading is quite limited and they can be traded only against JPY. Supporting additional fiat currencies to USD and JPY with options such as Euros would increase international appeal, however, Coincheck is not very popular outside Japan.



– Well designed exchange

– Credit card accepted

– Free trading fee

– Regulated in Japan



– No chat-based customer support

– Extensive verification process for international users

Cardano Review 2019 – Is it Promising?

cardano logo

cardano logo


Cardano is a smart contract platform and the product of a scientific approach toward solving the most pressing issues of blockchain projects; security, decentralization, incentivization and system flexibility. It is built on a vision to bring the benefits of the civilized world to communities.

Issues of Blockchain projects

– the existing banking system is too expensive to be implemented

– credit is hard to get

– the lack of stable identity makes trust difficult


cardano homepage image

Cardano is a fully open source, decentralized blockchain and allows different Blockchains to communicate. That will drive the adoption of Cardano since interoperability ensures compliance in transactions. Their project was the first to be built on peer-reviewed academic research and one of the pioneers including a multi-layered network, HD wallet and a community-governed treasury.

However, it has been hailed as a blockchain 3.0 network and severely lagged behind the likes of Ethereum and EOS.

cardano homepage image


Cardano was designed to be the first protocol that will balance privacy and regulation, and it is written in the Haskell programming language known for its strong security. The ADA cryptocurrency was the first application and designed to be the native currency of the Cardano platform.

Cardano coin Roadmap image


After releasing the Cardano 1.4 update, it started picking up steam including multi transactions, paper wallets and quantum resistance, etc. Cardano basically makes the energy-consuming PoW algorithm obsolete.

Cardano is scalable and can achieve faster transaction speeds with the upcoming chains. It recorded over 70,000 transactions during its first year. Cardano has struggled with tangible adoption threatening its eventual success against active competitors. We are looking forward to come the future of Cardano technology.

Bitstamp Review 2019 – Everything You Should Know About Bitstamp

Bitstamp official logo

Bitstamp official logo


In operation since 2011, Bitstamp has been one of the oldest and most reputable cryptocurrency exchange platforms. The exchange is suitable for intermediate and experienced cryptocurrency traders who want to trade Bitcoin, altcoins, and fiat currencies. Bitstamp offers clients competitive fees to exchange digital currencies in large amounts. As the exchange was developed in Luxembourg and now has offices in London, the exchange is particularly popular with Europeans.

Bitstamp coin exchange platform

Currency Supported

Bitstamp focuses on the most established cryptocurrencies and offers pairs featuring Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. These work with USD and EUR fiat currencies.

Bitstamp provides high liquidity in the cryptocurrencies but it is for all Euro pairs. If you are looking for another Fiat currencies that had a various range of altcoins, other cryptocurrency exchanges are recommended.


Payment Method

Bitstamp accepts payments via Bank Wire, Cryptocurrencies and Credit & Debit card. European clients can be accepted via the SEPA system easily. It is faster than the traditional bank transfers, however, the fees would be higher depending on the client’s bank.



Bitstamp offers lower fees than most crypto exchanges for both the depositing and withdrawing of funds, as well as the trading of crypto assets. When trading with low volume, however, the fees are similar to other exchanges. For high volume traders, the fee can be lower.

– Trading fee range from 0.1% to 0.25%.

– Deposit Fee

  1. Free for SEPA
  2. 0.05% for international wire

– Withdraw fee

  1. 0.9 EUR for SEPA
  2. 0.09%

Bitstamp Fee Schedule


Please check the below link for the detailed information.



Customer Support

Bitstamp provides an extensive FAQs section where you can find answers for your troublesome, or if you had a specific account question, you can use their ticket system.

It usually takes an hour or two.

Bitstamp Team member

The telephone support service is also available.


London: +44 20 3868 9628

North America: +1 646 568 9784

Luxembourg: +352 20 88 10 96



Bitstamp has experienced a couple of hacks in 2014 and 2015. Since those hacks, Bitstamp has improved its safety & security system. Bitstamp now has top-tear security due to their implementation of advanced security technologies and they keep the majority of their crypto assets offline in cold storage. 2FA protects clients’ account safely from hacking.




Bitstamp offers a very simple buy and sell user interface combining with advanced trading tools. The exchange is regulated by the CSSF(Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier) in Luxembourg, that is great standards for funds security.

Bitstamp is one of the relatively few exchanges that accept buying of cryptocurrencies using debit and credit cards. On the other hand, Bitstamp supports only four cryptocurrencies and offers few alternative coins. The unusual fees are applied to traders’ accounts as well.

Overall, Bitstamp is a good choice for traders located in Europe.



– Accepts Bank Wire, Credit, Debit Cards

– Competitive fees

– Regulated by the CSSF

– 98% of coins are kept in cold storage

– Telephone support



– Few altcoins

– Hacked in 2014 and 2015

– 5% fee on credit card purchases

Bitfinex Review 2019 – Features, Fees & Security

Bitfinex Logo


Bitfinex Official Logo


Bitfinex is one of the most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. By volume, Bitfinex is the world’s biggest exchange, especially when the Central Bank of China decided to impose trading fees on cryptocurrency trading.

Based in Hong Kong, Bitfinex was founded in 2012. The exchange is providing a high level of service for traders by utilizing a wide coin selection and a highly customizable platform interface. The advanced charting tools, a mobile app for Android and iOS, and the other different options are also available.

bitfinex exchange platform

Bitfinex has experienced a number of hacks and its share of the problem. May 2015, a hacker obtained 1,500 BTC from the wallets of the exchange. A later hacker could access around 120,000 BTC by circumventing the exchange’s security. April 2017, Bifinex’s bank accounts were frozen and it persisted for weeks.


Currency Supported

Approximately 70 market pairs linked to the 4 base currencies of USD, EUR, BTC and ETH are available. In addition to allowing fiat purchases of the two major cryptocurrencies, a number of other currencies are also available to be traded – including Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Dash (DASH), Ripple (XRP), Monero (XMR), EOS (EOS), OmiseGO (OMG), NEO (NEO), Zcash (ZEC), and 0x (ZRX).


Payment Method

Bitfinex clients can deposit and withdraw EUR, JPY, GBP and USD to and from their bank accounts. Bitfinex accepts deposit and withdrawal in the form of cryptocurrencies as well.

Bitfinex advanced feature


Bitfinex offers a dynamic fee structure that can potentially be low and competitive with industry standards.

Fees are determined by trading volume as well as maker and taker status.

– Maker fee range from 0.0% to 0.1%.

– Taker fee range from 0.055% to 0.2%

*You should know that you have to trade lots of volume for the low fee.

– Deposit fee: Free (There is a minimum deposit.)

– Withdrawal fee:

BTC 0.0004

ETH 0.00135

LTC 0.001

XRP 0.02

Please check the below link for the detailed information.


Customer Support

The customer service is available only via email 24/7. The responses can take more than 12 hours.



bitfinex security

As a result of its past experience with hacks, Bitfinex has stepped up its security by adopting many safety and security measures. The vast majority of funds are stored in cold storage system. Customer accounts are secured by using the following;

– Email Encryption

– Two-factor authentication(2FA)

– Universal 2nd Factor(U2F)

– Advanced verification tools and withdrawal protection

– Automatic backup of the database

– Protection from DDoS attacks



Bitfinex is one of the most established exchanges in the world and has the largest volume in the cryptocurrency industry.

However, Bitfinex has experienced several hacks and loss of assets, that’s why lots of security concerns are still remaining.

Bitfinex is not for beginners. If you would like to trade, start with a small balance and make sure that the withdrawal and security service is available to you.



– Established exchange

– Customizable platform interface

– Variety cryptocurrencies and trading pairs

– High Liquidity

– Lots of trading options



– Several hackings experience

– US Clients not accepted

– Not transparent